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Brighton Dome Concert Hall
Church Street , Brighton , East Sussex

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I Prefer Tinnitus I Prefer Tinnitus gave Brighton Dome Concert Hall a rating of 0/5

Zero 7

I left early - there was a queue to leave! This was awful. Truly AWFUL.

The worm hasn't turned, it's dead. It died from a rare form of fasciitis that ate it slowly from within, leaving a purulent mess in it's wake!

I prefer tinnitus!!!

Reviewed 6 Oct 2009

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E E gave Brighton Dome Concert Hall a rating of 5/5

David Byrne

That was a really good night... David Byrne looked like he was having fun, fun being the opperative word. Shame it was all seating because it looked like people really wanted to get up and do a silly dance which most did in the end. Came out smiling alot.

Reviewed 16 Apr 2009

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Patrick Porter Patrick Porter gave Brighton Dome Concert Hall a rating of 5/5

David Byrne

One of the best gigs I've ever been to. What really made it special was the smile on Mr Byrne's face throughout. Catch him if you can.

Reviewed 15 Apr 2009

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Elaine Johnson Elaine Johnson gave Brighton Dome Concert Hall a rating of 5/5

David Byrne

The man is pure genius and is a consummate performer. He started with the conventional banter with the crowd and somehow turned it in to a one to one chat that left you wanting more. So charming. The music left nothing to desire with a range of songs, oldies and newbies. The crowd got to its feet in the more funky numbers and the band and David seemed to rise to the response. The 3 dancers added a fun and dynamic element and even the lightshow was impressive with the all white outfits being a screen for warm oranges and UV focusing on the insane knee twitching and crazy wobblings that is the Byrne's funky dance step. Burning down the house was part of 3 encores a great way to leave the Dome.

Reviewed 15 Apr 2009

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Pete Maguire Pete Maguire gave Brighton Dome Concert Hall a rating of 5/5

Peter Doherty

After the first listen to Pete's new album,, apart from 'Last of the English Roses', I thought oh my god, why did I buy tickets... after a few more listens, I thought, thank god I bought some tickets! The show was even better.. after the 2 drummers had done a great warm up on guitars, Pete emerged, healthy, and in cracking form... he came out, he smiled, the audience smiled, he charmed, the audience was charmed, then the poetry and finest musical skills began. This was a great show, Pete sings way better live than on his album. For music that sounds a bit empty sometimes on the album, the dome was filled with bliss... when a couple of babyshambles songs were thrown in, the place went mad, well it did down where I was.. the seated people may have been tapping their feet... I came away triple impressed; the musical ability, the humbleness, and the man himself.. rock on Pete... the only danger I saw was, on one occasion, Pete seemed to be looking out at the crowd; adoring, yet maybe not understanding... and I wondered if he was thinking, is as good as it gets straight and, is that enough... hope so

Reviewed 26 Mar 2009

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Phil Oswald Phil Oswald gave Brighton Dome Concert Hall a rating of 5/5

Elbow, Brighton Dome Feb 28 2009

I won't mention individual tracks or performances but I will say that we left the concert stunned and exalted by the brilliance of this band and the power and chsrm of their material. It's the second time I've seen them and on both occasions there were moments of transcendence that left me feeling wrung out but exhilerated. Thank God there are still bands like this around. I can only compare Seldom Seen Kid to Pet Sounds or Sgt Pepper in that it is a major work that will be listened to for a long time. Seeing them live - well, the SMiLE concert I saw was very spiritual, but SMiLE was written a long time ago. There's something magical, almost occult about an Elbow concert - duende? If you get the chance to see them, take it.

Reviewed 13 Mar 2009

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Clt Clt gave Brighton Dome Concert Hall a rating of 1/5

Ray Lamontagne

Boring. Only went because my girlfriend insisted. Lamontagne didn't utter a single word throughout the performance so there was nothing to break the monotony of his singing. The evening's only saving grace was the tight backing-band.

Reviewed 25 Feb 2009

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Paul James Paul James gave Brighton Dome Concert Hall a rating of 4/5

Nme Awards Tour 2009

Am on line looking for a review, to see how the glasvagas situation was seen by others! stopped to write one!!! The story starts with florence and the machine, what a voice she has, and she has found a very good drummer to complement it, the harp boy, with his sensible shoes had the bass, and melodies covered, i cant remember anything about the guitarist!! white lies looked like two sixth formers, on bass and guitar, who cant quite believe they have had a number 1 album! the drummer wins the 'looks like a rockstar' prize of the night for me, bloody good he is too, and the frontman,was using his bigsby tremolo, which i was pleased about!!! friendly fires were the highlight fro me, stunning drumming and percussion,they pass the bass around, or do without it completely, or borrow Florence's drummer so they can do all three!, I dont think they should get a bassist, much as i would try to convince them otherwise if they would give me a go at the job!, its having twice as many drummers as guitarists that makes their sound., I expect the lead singer will learn a few chords, and i would like to see their guitarist have a go on the bass, as per 'liquid liquid' whom i am currently obsessed with, i would love to see them do a whole night on their own, i think they have pretty much all genres of music covered, without sounding like a band from the 80's (to which you can arguably pin one to the other three bands, the banshees, duran duran and jesus and mary chain?!).
after nearly 3 hours of great drummers, i was disappointed to see that glasvagas had a stand up bobby gillespi type kit, and it was badly played, the bass had been tuned wrong, and when that string was hit about half way through the song, it made me realize how good the other three bands were, and i went home!!! the blinding lights didn't help, we were all turning our heads away looking at each and thinking, "this is s**te" .
we weren't the only ones, the door folk needed an explanation! which as you can guess, I was happy to give!!

Reviewed 21 Feb 2009

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Annie Goodall Annie Goodall gave Brighton Dome Concert Hall a rating of 5/5

The Streets

Excellent gig from the pensioners seats. mike had us up out of our seats onto our zimmers and rocking with the babies in the floor.

Reviewed 30 Jan 2009

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Henry Dell Henry  Dell gave Brighton Dome Concert Hall a rating of 5/5

Steven Berkoff - Requiem For Ground Zero

The setting was simple, a spotlight, a man, a story. Now this is the first time i have seen him in all his glory in front of my very eyes, so unfortuantely i cannot cross refrence his performance to his previous.
He was sheer brilliance! The way in which he held our attention was phenomenal. the aeombic pentameter was, as he mentioned in the "in" talk afterwards, holding the effect of combining and bringing form to his piece. it was moving, and made one feel as if he was speaking sole truth. his body language and stage presence preceeded him and his diction and projection was unfalterable. his advice, and his suggestions of how to make the world a better place were suitable precisely. a work of art, a man of truth. a spectacle of awe.

Berkoff, i commend you!

Reviewed 20 Nov 2008

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