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D'Arcys Seafood Restaurant
49 Market Street , Brighton , East Sussex

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John Anderson John Anderson gave D'Arcys Seafood Restaurant a rating of 0/5

May Bank Holiday Last Year

The worst restaurant experience ever - The restaurant looks inviting and tempting form the outside and tempted we were with what looked like a great fish menu. However, the service was a disaster. The female manager was quite possibly the rudest person I have ever met. Our starters took and hour to arrive and main course took 2 hours to arrive. When we remonstrated with the manager we were told, "tough, its bank holiday", yet the restaurant was hardly overflowing with customers. After asking three times about our food, we complained and asked for a discount as the service was so terrible. The manager was aloof to this request, refused to apologise and then made it out that we were being rude and unreasonable!!!

There was no warning that the service would take so long and then no "managing expectations" of the customer. To top it all, when the main meal arrived, the fish was only the size of a large fish finger ( no joke!). Never again. Gordon Ramsay would have a field day with management here.

Reviewed 31 Aug 2009

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Eva Eva gave D'Arcys Seafood Restaurant a rating of 0/5

Do Not Eat Here

This is the worst restaurant I have ever eaten. Our main courses took over an hour to come, and all the waiting staff avoided our table rather than acknowledge the delay. We complained several times before our food arrived. My fish was too oversalted to eat. We complained to the manager who was incredibly unhelpful, and eventually very rude. They refused to take any money off our bill. The experience of eating here completed ruined our trip to Brighton.

Reviewed 30 Aug 2009

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Margaret Lowbridge Margaret Lowbridge gave D'Arcys Seafood Restaurant a rating of 5/5

August 2009

I stumbled across this restaurant quite by chance and was delighted by the delicious food, atmosphere and excellent service. I would recommend it to anyone who loves fresh fish.

Reviewed 18 Aug 2009

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Rosie Wells Rosie Wells gave D'Arcys Seafood Restaurant a rating of 2/5

Birthday Lunch April 15th

My sister and her partner took me to this restaurant for a birthday treat.
A treat it cetainly was not.Two of the party had the half lobster on Liguine,bearing in mind the cost of this dish we were served with an extremely small lobster half,
on a mountain of pasta.Bearing in mind the focus should have been the lobster ( which was dry )
The restaurant has a policy of charging for everything, any vegatables, bread etc are expensive,
it would be very easy to run up an enormous bill unless care is taken. This visit reminds me why I hardly ever eat out now.Inferior cooking and over inflated prices are the norm for this town.

Reviewed 16 Apr 2009

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Jason Wolff Jason Wolff gave D'Arcys Seafood Restaurant a rating of 0/5
Absolutely shocking. I have done extensive travelling and have eaten in a number of restaurants and I understand that it is not realistic to expect a perfect meal every time but when you get a terrible meal like we had, at least the staff should acknowledge this and do something about it.

We ordered lemon sole which still had fish eggs in it with blood and veins pouring out of the soles head. Our waitress informed us that some people like to eat it this way (dirty fish and eggs). To me it just looked like the chef did not clean the fish. I have a strong constitution and have never wanted to feel ill looking at food but for me this was a first. I felt ill.

In addition the pricing on the display boards are not reflected on the menu. Over and above the ?17.50 sole we had to pay for vegetables additionally.

I am struggling to remember a worse meal that I have ever eaten. This tops the list. There are a number of better restaurants in Brighton that I will be going to in the future. I most certainly will never eat at darcys again.

Reviewed 13 Apr 2009

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Maureen Maureen gave D'Arcys Seafood Restaurant a rating of 0/5

Saturday 20 Sept 2008

I'm sorry to say this but I was served the worse piece of battered cod ever. It tasted like they had just cooked it after buying it frozen from the local shop, but then I would have thought even then it should have tasted better then it did. I hardly ate any of my it and the waitress when taking my plate away didn't seem interested to find out whether I enjoyed it or not. The only wine you can order by the glass is the house wine, which tastes terrible. All in all it ruined a perfectly nice day trip to Brighton as it made me so angry to be knowingly served food that is not up to standard. I have no idea how they managed to get good reviews on this site and yes I would have rather have gone to MacDonalds at the end of the day.

Reviewed 22 Sep 2008

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Gillian Celik-jones Gillian Celik-jones gave D'Arcys Seafood Restaurant a rating of 1/5
I wanted especially to go to D'Arcys for my wedding anniversary dinner as I had been there 2 weeks previously and had a wonderful fish casserole with vegetables and lovely ice cold wine.

How disappointed I was last night when the casserole had 1 potatoe in it, no other vegetables, hardly any fish and the gravy was like water, it was absolutely disgusting, my husband had the same. The wine was warm. We did tell the waitress that it hadn't been as good as previously but my husband wouldn't let me complain properly so as not to spoil our evening.

We also spoke to the Danish couple next to us and they left their meal. They thought it was sole but it definitely was not.

I had been raving about it to friends and recommended they go there but I shall certainly reverse that.

On a good note, the waitress was good and so were the starters.

Reviewed 24 Jul 2008

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Rachel J Rachel J gave D'Arcys Seafood Restaurant a rating of 1/5
We chose this restaurant because of its good reputation but it was a disaster. The place was a joke, we were so cramped we could hear everyones conversation. The music was an instrumental collection of Elton Johns greatest hits on a loop, the table clothes looked like curtains. We had booked the week before which they had no record of and told us 'we can fit you in if you wait'.

I had Red Snapper which was overdone (far too chewy) and the waitress added things we hadnt eaten or drank to our bill then refused to take them off telling us she 'didnt know the menu'. They overcharged us by at least ?10 but refused to let us look at the menu again to check- it seemed the prices has gone up while we were eating.

I would never bother with this place again, there are lots of other restaurants in the Lanes that looked far more promising.

Reviewed 10 Jul 2008

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Rachel O'connor Rachel O'connor gave D'Arcys Seafood Restaurant a rating of 1/5

Terrible Service At D'arcys

We visted this resturant as a party of Six on Sunday afternoon, it looked an inviting resturant with a good selection of fish dishes on the blackboards outside. Unfortunelty we were met with nothing but rudeness from our female waitress and the terrible service left a very nasty taste indeed.

When we asked for a glass of sparkling wine (from the selected listed under champagne sparkling wine on the menu) the response was patronising and downright rude, the waitress stated that they dont do sparkling wine, I suggest they dont list any wines by the glass under that section of the menu then.

In additton when we asked what the specials were the waitress responded "specials, what do you mean". Quite frankly if a waitress does not know what the phase specials means she needs some retraining. Trying to get the list of specials off the waitress was like pulling teeth and most of what was listed was actually on the menu, which left us completely confused. If we hadn't of already had our drinks, I think we would have left the resturant as the tone of this head waitress was disgraceful.

Despite this, overall the food was very good, one person in our party however did find hair in her pasta and when we pointed this out to the waitress there was no appology just "that funny all our chefs are bald"!

If you are looking for an inviting pleasant dinning experience with helpful friendly staff, I would walk past this resturant as even though on the whole the food was good, the service was nothing but dispointing and the whole meal felt like an effort.

Reviewed 23 Jun 2008

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Michael Cowen Michael Cowen gave D'Arcys Seafood Restaurant a rating of 5/5
I travel a lot from LA to China and tend to eat Fish mostly so finding a charater restuarant in brighton that you would find in romatic places in the world like Paris, Rome, Madrid, in the lanes in brighton was lovely. I found Darcy's to be a delightful restaurant to eat at and the food very good indeed which I really enjoyed. I am shocked to see what some people say about the place after my experince and would not in anyway listen to what they have to say. If you want to eat good food and fresh where the vegtables are fresh and the fish then I would recommend D'Arcy's.

Reviewed 15 Oct 2007

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