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Just Lets
87 Church Road , Hove , East Sussex

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Lucy Lucy gave Just Lets a rating of 0/5


I have never in my life had such disgusing service, quite honestly once they have your money they are not interested.

They have breeched contract in every possible way, maintenance not carried out to the extent that the problems have affected my health and we have lost £100's

You are rarely if ever able to get through to the right person and when you do they promise you the world and you get absolutely NOTHING!!!!!

Please whether you are a Tenant or Landlord stay away from these people.

I am in the process of dealing with the matter in court

Reviewed 7 Sep 2009

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Tony Tony gave Just Lets a rating of 0/5
Complete and utter cowboys, avoid at all costs. Only available to contact when they want money off you, entirely odious to deal with and supremely moronic and entirely untrustworthy. Nightmare.

Reviewed 6 Aug 2009

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Paul Topping Paul Topping gave Just Lets a rating of 0/5
When you see the sign JUST LETS please think JUST DONT!
Complete and utter idiots, the Kay twins should not be in business, let alone be trusted to manage joe public's residences.

Reviewed 29 Jul 2009

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Anon Anon gave Just Lets a rating of 0/5
Some of the most unprofessional and disagreeable individuals I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I would avoid doing business with Just Lets at all costs. A complete sham of a business.

Reviewed 19 Dec 2008

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David David gave Just Lets a rating of 0/5
They are simply shocking, they have no respect for their customers, there responce time is around month - once you've made endless calls. I mean sometimes I feel that am ringing an automated service when I call them??? I have to go down to their office to get an actual responce. Everytime I ring up - asking about my deposit, the person I need to speak to is not there. Always!

The service is shocking, the staff are div's and the all round contract for me was appalling.

Reviewed 14 Nov 2008

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Jacqui Madders Jacqui Madders gave Just Lets a rating of 4/5
Just read the rest of the reviews, oh dear, my experience was not too good at the beginning. A young chap was punctual when showing me round and did all the right things. He was also very helpful with filling in forms and so on. The cleaning of the flat left alot to be desired, personally I would have sacked their cleaning agency on the spot.

I settled in and although there were a few issues around my post, it was down to the landlady, on the whole we had it organised and they were marvellous at the end, in respect of having the deposit returned, some kept back due to an inadequate carpet clean. I was going to take it up with my cleaner but couldn't be bothered.

Recently I was looking again and Simon went beyond the call of duty, outstandingly helpful and pro-active.

There are others out there who really need watching.

Reviewed 25 Oct 2008

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Biv Biv gave Just Lets a rating of 0/5
Do not use Just Lets - Full Stop! I have been trying to get my deposit of ?650 (of which there was no dispute) for well over 2 months. Every time I ring up I get fobbed off with errr... it'll be cleared by monday... or tuesday etc etc. They clearly have no regard for the tenancy deposit scheme they are contracted to. Absolutley awful!

Reviewed 8 Sep 2008

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Anon Anon gave Just Lets a rating of 0/5
My wife rang on Friday - no call back. She rang again today (Tuesday) to chase up. She spoke to Simon who said he would call back regarding a lunchtime viewing. Two hours later, no callback, so I call to see if I am going to be viewing at luncthine during the working day. I am promised a call back. Simon called me back half an hour later.

S: Did you want to speak to me?
Me: Yes, do you know what about?
S: Oh er yes um Woodland Avenue wasn't it?
Me: That's the one
S:[Tetchily]Well, I was actually trying to get hold of the landlord and haven't been able to.
Me: We did leave a message for you on Friday.
S: [Crosspatch voice] Well, I don't know anything about that. I was in and out all afternoon.
Me: I see. I understand the price is shown wrongly at ?2,000 on Rightmove - it's actually ?2,500.
S: [completely unapologetic voice]That's right.
Me: I have to say - you don't sound very organised over there.
S:[Can hardly speak with anger voice] Well, if you're going to take that attitude, perhaps it's best you don't view.
Me: Jolly good. Good bye!

Reviewed 26 Aug 2008

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Jason Jason gave Just Lets a rating of 5/5
I rent through Just Lets, they are one of the best letting agents I have ever rented a property through.

Reviewed 14 Apr 2008

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Ken Shaw Ken Shaw gave Just Lets a rating of 0/5
Just thought that I'd add my two penneth for what it's worth.... Speaking as a landlord who rented property out through Just Lets I have to say that they are hopeless; untrustworthy, unreliable, lazy, pretentious, and unhelpful.

Do not use this agency.

Reviewed 18 Mar 2008

Management Response from Roger Kay - 8 Apr 2008
General comment - Just Lets does not always get everything right, but if there is a harder working agency in Brighton & Hove I have yet to meet them. We have a prescriptive complaints handling procedure, which has hardly ever been needed. We are a company owned and managed by Brighton people and have deep roots to the community, sponsoring the local football, cricket teams and a comedy show at the Komedia.

We adhere meticulously to deposit legislation, casting doubt about the germaneness of some of these comments. We adhere to health and safety legislation. Our letting contract is one of the very few in Brighton & Hove that Trading Standards have approved (3 agencies have achieved this at the time of writing).

We employ a full-time Compliance Manager. Sometimes we are just the messenger - we cannot overstep our authority. Only last week a tenant was screaming because there was a problem with the building next door to ours !

Specifically now :
I have read Mr Shaw's comments - all very interesting, except we have never had a landlord by this name ! Please, Ken Shaw, get in touch with your real name and let us have an honest discussion regarding alleged failings. I am not making light of some of these comments, but would point out that we have been around for a decade now and manage around 600 properties - most people seem to think we are OK most of the time.

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