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LA Fitness
Tower Point , North Road , Brighton , East Sussex

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Helen Helen gave LA Fitness a rating of 2/5
This is my list of complaints about Brighton LA fitness, may aswell put them here as have been told by the manager of the Brighton branch thatI appear to have many issues with the gym and no one is forcing me to stay. Professional attitude don't you think when I said I wanted to still be a member but wanted standards improving especially since they've just had a £500,000 refurb, which, when going on and the gym closed and no one offered a rebate.

Ladies changing room:

showers smell of old drains
cleaner has gone awol
floors dirty
no body lotion or tissues supplied- when enquired about this I was given the reason that
'Some women abused the facility' by this I take that it was costing them money !
Scales removed- apparently because women stole them on a regular basis- thieves that we are !!!
Swimming costume 'wringer' has been out of order for months and now has been removed ? no real reason given ?


Pool has been like swimming in the arctic for 3 weeks
Children now allowed in the pool- love kids but not in my gym pool.
Jacuzzi often out of order
pool area not very clean, although I did notice that part of the £500,000 went towards some poor bugger on their hands and knees cleaning the old tiles around the pool.

Stretch area far too small for amount of members
not very good choice of equipment unless you like walking...
Popular classes are often held in off peak times which isn't much use for most members who happen to have a job ?

Reviewed 15 Sep 2009

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Miss Cake Miss Cake gave LA Fitness a rating of 2/5
I too am relieved to see these reviews -I was begged ferociously in January to rejoin and I did so but I had two bad infections from January til April so I was effectively paying the £45 amd not using. As it was I was told the first month was free but was debited on 31st January.I discussed this over the phone a few times but never got a call back.I gave in a doctor's letter in Feb..Two particular members of staff are very rude and contintue to be-including the girl who signed me up. The other member gives me dirty looks when I enter and go out-not exactly a warm reception.I guess I was hoping for the old friendly dragons..I left when i moved to Brighton..On asking wheteh they would consider giving me or month or two free as I hadnt used it for four (and one should be free anyway).The doctor's letter I had given in was only noticed when I came back in May to use the gym again and they cancelled my membership and wouldnt let me in.I begged to be understood and eventually -in a phonecall from a very egotistical trainee who didnt hear I was actually too busy to have a long conversation and thought LA fitness must be on my mind all the time (ahem)she said she would reinstate still didnt happen.Now I think I have been waived one or two months but in the most unfriendly clumsy way possible.Can they not get the doors or the damp fixed in the showers..where does the money go???

Reviewed 28 Jul 2009

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John John gave LA Fitness a rating of 4/5

La Fitness Hove

I used to be a member of Dragons in Hove several years ago. I left because the investment was poor, the changing rooms were DIRE, the pool was often out of use (I think someone poo'ed in it once too) and I felt I wasn't getting value for money.

I went to David Lloyd in Brighton and got the biggest and best of everything... except personal service.

I rejoined Dragons (now LA Fitness) and have been very impressed at the service I've received. Cheap membership rate with minimal set up fee. Personal attention/Kickstart programme, the option of using other LA Fitness clubs too. Yes it's small, but the equipment seems to be maintained well enough and it has a friendly feel.

Not used the pool since rejoining, but then that's not what I joined it for. If I want a serious swim I'll go elsewhere.

Parking problematic at busy times, so I just avoid peak times.

All in all, for me, good value for money, good attention from staff and the impression that they want to try to improve. Group exercise programme a bit dodgy, but nothing too bad.

Reviewed 8 May 2009

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Leif Kendall Leif Kendall gave LA Fitness a rating of 1/5


LA Fitness in Hove (formerly Dragons) is quite poor.

LA Fitness are masters at making gym members feel like a commodity. Adverts face you wherever you go - from the TVs (which feature LA FitnessTV), on the steps of stairs, inside locker doors, on the walls - basically any space at all.

When I joined I complained about the creaky and sparse equipment (they have just 2 rowing machines - one of which has such a decrepit chain that it replicates the feeling of rowing over gravel - and just 1 step machine) and was told that new equipment was imminent. It didn't arrive, but I continued asking. Months passed. Staff changed. The reports of delays to the new equipment gradually became a denial that new equipment was ever planned! Eventually I got bored of asking.

The pool is ridiculously small - if you have adult-sized arms you may struggle to swim lengths.

But the worst thing is definitely the sense that you are just a commodity to be milked of your cash. You aren't a member of their gym you are an income stream.

Reviewed 16 Apr 2009

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Rejoined Rejoined gave LA Fitness a rating of 0/5
I used to belong to Dragons years ago and was pleased with it. However, I am disgusted at what it has turned into since LA fitness have taken over. I rejoined naively, online only to arrive today in a club that has not been updated ( apart from the womens changing room if you call that updating!?) since 2002. It smells, the staff are rude, the whirl pool is freezing ( was always broken when I was last a member - only complaint back then) and the pool itself too warm. The steam room's tiles are falling off. This is by NO means a private club, the public ones are 100 times better and cleaner. i will be stopping my contract asap and am very disappointed as is the only club in Hove that has a pool.sauna as well as gym/classes. SUCH a waste. it could be so nice- why do they have to leave it to ruin?

Reviewed 30 Jan 2009

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Bryan Bryan gave LA Fitness a rating of 2/5
Brighton's LA Fitness has a decent atmosphere, but I'm very frustrated by the poor facilities and lack of action by staff to correct problems.

1. An ancient set of dumbbells badly needs replacing
2. Free-weights are not regularly checked and tightened
3. Missing weights have never been replaced
4. Rowers are not well maintained (some of those chains desperately need oiling!)
5. Treadmills frequently out of order
6. Holes in the walls
7. Torn stretching mats
8. Loose floor tiles and missing ceiling tiles in the men's showers

When I first viewed the gym, I was concerned that the free-weight's area was too small and poorly stocked (it's not that there's only one of everything, some dumbbells are missing entirely, and the rubber coatings on all of them are shredded and falling off!). The salesman assured me that this area was definitely about to be doubled in size and re-equipped. Three months later, nothing has happened. I asked the manager about it and he said that the 1 refurbishment would go ahead, but he couldn't say when. I also asked one of the PTs. He shrugged, raised his eyebrows and said he'd believe it when he saw it. All very annoying since this is the area I use most, and the promised changes were what convinced me to sign up.

Another problem I have with the place: too many people hoard weights and benches so that they can circuit train or perform super sets. These are great ways to exercise but, given the lack of space and equipment, this is really selfish and inconsiderate. It would be great if the management would place signs to discourage this and to promote better gym etiquette, but of course they won't, because the PTs teach their clients these methods. I see it every time I'm in there.

I reported a broken bench seat to the manager (potentially very dangerous). He seemed very concerned but, a week later, it was the same. Now, nearly two weeks later, the entire seat is missing, but the bench is still in use!

There are no customer feedback forms and experience has taught me it's pointless to complain.

LA Fitness used to be a health club, now it has standards lower than that of a spit-and-sawdust body builders gym! I will not be renewing when my year is up.

Reviewed 23 Oct 2008

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Richard Richard gave LA Fitness a rating of 1/5

La Fitness Brighton

I am very frustrated with this place - one of the most expensive gyms in Brighton. It is crowded, but to make matters worse the machines are always broken. Today 3 out of 10 or so runners are bust, and so is the air conditioning. Its been like that for quite nearly a week now making it impossible to exercise properly. The water fountains leak all over the floor and i will not use the changing rooms - easier to go home.

The staff are childish and rude - they just do not care, and are not empowered to fix anything. It is right next door to my house which is the only plus point.

Reviewed 31 Aug 2008

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Reggie B Reggie B gave LA Fitness a rating of 1/5
LA fitness is not very good at all, the music and ads make you feel like you're in some Orwellian nightmare, some (not all) of the staff are so rude it's almost a joke, there's no squat rack, no proper punch bag any more, no chance of doing squats over 100kg because the Smith Machine keeps breaking if you do, no member of staff just walking the floor to spot for you or advise on technique. It is remarkable that a gym can exist that is less well equipped than many people's houses. The free weights provision is awful. The motto of this club is 'we have let you down due to circumstances beyond our control'. It's not beyond their control - they can get a plumber in to fix the water fountains can't they? It's overcrowded, there are regular thefts from the dressing rooms, and it's dirty. I have actually considered wearing a tee shirt in there that says 'LA Fitness is Rubbish'. As soon as my contract finishes I'm off down Cheetahs to join a proper gym. Whenever you see someone signing up you feel like snatching the pen away and saying 'don't, you fool! You'll finish up like me.'

Reviewed 29 Jul 2008

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Ella Ella gave LA Fitness a rating of 3/5


How refreshing to find that I am not alone in my feelings about Dragons in Hove. When I first joined several years ago, I found both management and staff friendly and helpful. The club had not been open that long, so not too many people. Since LA Fitness have taken over, it's been crowded, management (not staff) have a 'couldn't care less' attitude; the pool is always closed and exercise classes are just a joke. I can never get a class I want as they are always fully booked over a week in advance. They seem to do the same classes every week with not that much variety in the evenings and when I complained about this I was told to come back during the day; oh to not have to work on a daily basis and go the gym when I felt like it would be heaven. Unfortunately, I have to pay the mortgage and bills, so I am not that lucky. The ladies cloakroom is a joke, and I can't believe that it was re-decorated a year ago, it was better as it was. There must surely be an ombudsman of some type which I will look into, but unfortunately we are living in a don't care culture with companies and people who have more money than sense and the more the public put up with it, the more companies like LA Fitness will get away with it.

Reviewed 17 Mar 2008

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Jasmine Jasmine gave LA Fitness a rating of 3/5

La Fitness

Having joined LA Fitness cautiously recently, I am happy to say I haven't found it as bad as these reviews ... yet. However the spa is closed 50% of the time, how hard can it be to look after a pool if you know what you're doing . The changing rooms are pretty poorly ventilated and the womens' really stink in peak times, luckily the smell of women's lotions and potions cover it up, but I can;t begin to imagine what the men's must be like! The worst thing for me is the music. Now I realise that it's had to please everyone, but there seems to be no science at all behind playing music that is at least of the right tempo for a gym.

I have since found out there is no science at all - but that LA Fitness GET PAID to play what the record companies want them too. Which would explain why you get 3 soppy pop songs by the likes of Westlife in a row ... hardly conducive to a work out! Given the membership fees, there is no-one there who is not an adult, yet we get kiddy music forced down our throat! It;s awful, and what a rip off.

But other than that, I find the staff friendly, the facilities generally good, if over subscribed, but having never used a gym in England before, I have no real point of comparison.

I chose it mainly because it's on my way home from work, so I have no excuse not to go.

Reviewed 10 Mar 2008

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